Stevie Ray Vaughan "Lenny" Stratocaster/ ST-2420

Stripped Narural body with Maple neck, Jeff Beck Group "True Replica" Stratocaster.

"Strato-Crazy" builded by all original vintage Stratocaster parts. Great lookin and amazing tone!!

  • Jeff Beck played the Strat at Jeff Beck Grupe.
  • 'With three original 50s Black Bobbin pickups, strong and Fat tone!!
  • With Fender USA Reissue Twed Case.

Strato-Crazy Original
"True Replica Vintage Compo Strat"

Jeff Beck Group Stratocaster/ ST-2420

Special Price US$12,600
<Details Information>
*Neck: '57 original Maple Neck (Neck Date: 1-57)
 Refret and changed nut, Re moved logo, original Kluson "Single Line" tuners and original Strings tree.
*Body: Early 60s Alder "Stripped" body.
*Pickups: Neck original '55 "Short G" Black Bobbin, Center & Bridge 50s original Black Bobbin×2
*Tremolo Assy: 60s original Tremolo Assy
*Pickguard: Early 60s Cracked original Mint-Green pickguard.
*Pickup covers, Knobs & SW-Tip: 60s original Pickup covers, Tone-, and SW-Tip and Tone-2 50s original Bakelite. Vol '65 Jazzmaster knob.
*Tremolo Spring: 60s original Tremolo Springs
*Pots & Switch: CTS 250KΩ, CRL SW
*Neck Plate: Strato-Crazy original.
*With Fender USA Reissue Tweed Case.