Japan Vintage Stratocaster

70s & 80s Japanese Stratocaster Copy Model and Fender Japan Premium Model.

UP Date:2021.05.08

1993 Electric Nylos Strings Stratocaster STCL-100NJV-2905

Special Price US$1,660

Rare & Dream Collection
Super rare Jender Japan STCL-100N 100% original in Ment condition. Mike Cristian Piezo PU and Bartonini Pre-Amp. Synchronized tremolo!!

1995 Yengwie Malmsteen Signature Double Neck Stratocaster STW-230YMJV-2951

Special Price US$3,850

Rare & Dream Collection
Super rare Fenderr Japan STW-230YM 100% original in Clean condition.Only two small wears on body top. About 2 years and less than 50 pieces made, super rare and hard to find!!